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Gynecology Specialist

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People aged 65 and older are more susceptible to certain issues, including those that affect sexual health. At New York City’s CHW Cares in Washington Heights, Manhattan, the team of expert primary care providers offers various gynecology services to women 65 and older. To learn more about the benefits of routine pelvic and breast exams, partner with the team at CHW Cares.

Gynecology Q & A

What is gynecology?

Gynecology provides general and preventive women’s health care. Your sexual health is just as important as you get older. Though you might not have to worry about pregnancy or menstruation, the natural aging process presents unique health challenges like perimenopause and menopause.  

Investing in routine gynecological care can reduce the risk of common issues like urinary incontinence, hot flashes, and pain during sexual intercourse.

Can older women benefit from gynecology?

All people with female reproductive organs, regardless of age, can benefit from gynecology. Once you reach menopause –– a natural decline of the reproductive hormones –– your body experiences various changes that can result in uncomfortable symptoms. 

At this stage of your life, gynecologic care focuses on healthy aging instead of reproductive issues like family planning and Pap smears. 

Specifically, the team at CHW Cares addresses the loss of estrogen. Though estrogen decline is perfectly natural, it often results in vaginal dryness or itchiness. Fortunately, there are many ways to manage these and other issues.

Do women aged 65 and older need an annual Pap smear?

Research suggests that more than 15% of people with cervical cancer are 65 or older. Even so, if you've never had an abnormal test that identified precancerous cells, there’s no need for an annual Pap smear. That’s because the risk of cervical cancer substantially declines as you get older.

If you are sexually active, it’s still important to undergo a pelvic exam every one to three years. Doing so can alert you to potential issues early on, ensuring you maintain a healthy sex life. 

What does a gynecology appointment involve?

At CHW Cares, the team tailors gynecology appointments to each individual’s health history, symptoms, and needs. 

Following a review of your medical records and an in-office discussion, your provider conducts a physical exam and orders preventive screening as necessary. They might also recommend laboratory tests, updating your immunizations, or refilling prescription medication.

If the team discovers any bumps or abnormalities during your breast exam, they can refer you to a radiology facility in the area for a mammogram.


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