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Olga Burzyantseva, MD

Cardiology located in Washington Heights, New York, NY

About Dr. Burzyantseva

Olga Burzyantseva, MD, is a certified cardiologist at CHW Cares in Washington Heights, Manhattan. Well-versed in several aspects of cardiology, she is certified in internal medicine, echocardiography, nuclear cardiology, and general cardiology, providing comprehensive care to patients in New York City. 

Dr. Burzyantseva began her education in Ufa, Bashkortostan, Russia, where she received her degree from the department of physical therapy at Bashkir State University. She served as a nursing aid at Ufa Suburban Hospital in Russia while pursuing her education in physical therapy. 

She then practiced as a physical therapist at Ufa Hospital in Russia, later continuing her education in internal medicine and cardiology at Kaplan University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 

Following her passion for medicine, Dr. Burzyantseva volunteered with the Ufa Abuse Rehabilitation Center in Russia and MedCross Ambulance in Philadelphia. She has also contributed to multiple publications and abstracts relating to heart and lung failure. 

Olga speaks English, Russian, Ukrainian, and speaks some Spanish making her well-equipped to serve the diverse communities of New York City.