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Alberto De Castro, PT

Physical Therapist located in Washington Heights, New York, NY

About Dr. De Castro

Alberto De Castro, RPT, CSST, is an expert, board-certified physical therapist at CHW Cares in Washington Heights, Manhattan. He specializes in all aspects of physical therapy. That includes evaluations, diagnoses, and treatments of common musculoskeletal problems and ongoing pain in New York City patients over 65.

Dr. De Castro has over 15 years of experience in physical therapy, working with patients of all ages in all types of medical settings. He offers a variety of manual manipulation techniques to help people increase their strength, flexibility, range of motion, and mobility in a friendly, comfortable environment.

He maintains his PT credentials with continuing education courses, allowing him to offer advanced cutting-edge treatments with highly effective results. People seeking less pain, faster healing, and a better overall quality of life can turn to Dr. De Castro for exceptional care.

Dr. De Castro loves working with his patients at CHW Cares and warmly welcomes them to the practice.