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About CHW Cares


Company Overview

CHW Cares is a neighborhood-focused healthcare service company that delivers end-to-end healthcare in clinics, at home and on the phone.

Central to CHW Cares’ approach is our use of robustly trained, community based health coaches who join interdisciplinary clinical teams that partner with patients on their individual care journeys. Our approach to care embeds locally hired, robustly trained teams of community-based health coaches into interdisciplinary clinical teams who partner with patients on their individual care journeys.

Our proven approach to home-based coaching as a key to successful medical care was developed by our predecessor organization, City Health Works. Founded in 2013, City Health Works demonstrated the power of community-based teams in delivering high quality health outcomes, significant reductions in avoidable hospitalizations, and exceptional patient satisfaction (average NPS score of 90). Learn more about City Health Works here. CHW Cares was formed in 2021 and launched its first comprehensive neighborhood hub in New York City by building upon a multi-specialty practice that serves more than 20,000 patients annually. CHW Cares will continue to expand by partnering with independent physicians and deepening our relationships with new patients in the neighborhoods we serve. CHW Cares reinvest in our neighborhoods by creating high quality jobs and improving the health and digital literacy of our patients and their families.

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