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VIP care for seniors


For Medicare-eligible adults, we offer additional support to help you take
control of your health and prevent symptoms.


In partnership with your Doctor, you receive a personal Health Coach who
meets with you 1-on-1 at home, in the clinic, or on the phone, to help you
reach your health goals.


Here are some of the added benefits:

$0 membership

$0 co-pay

Free rides
to the doctor

No long waits
for appointments

























CHW Cares

Senior focused Medical and Dental Care in Washington Heights, NY

CHW Cares is a neighborhood-focused company that delivers end-to-end healthcare in the clinic, at home and on the phone. At CHW Cares, the team of primary care, dental, and specialty providers specialize in providing comprehensive physical health and dental care to older adults. We go beyond treatment by teaching patients to identify danger signs before they become serious complications.

CHW Cares currently serves the Washington Heights and Inwood neighborhoods of Manhattan, and is growing throughout New York City. Individuals aged 65 and older can access a comprehensive suite of health services, including asthma care and pulmonology, diabetes care, kidney care, gynecology, pain management, podiatry, and orthopedics.

The team also offers all-inclusive cardiology care, including treatment of hypertension, venous ulcers, and varicose veins, nutrition counseling, physical therapy and rehabilitation, and thyroid disorders.

CHW Cares provides eye care, neurology, and treatment for sleep disorders. Not to mention preventive and general dentistry, including root canals, teeth cleaning, teeth whitening, and fillings. For people who experience pain or anxiety, the team also offers acupuncture.

Our care teams take time to meet with and understand each individual’s symptoms and concerns. Our Primary Care Physicians collaborates with a team of health coaches, dieticians, nurses to support each patient on their care journey. Our team of specialists and dentists use safe, effective, and proven treatments to help people get and stay healthy.

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CHW Cares
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New York, NY 10040


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